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Better Design

Efficient Dumpster Rental

SKIPS Dumpsters are designed to stack inside of each other like Tupperware. This allows us to simultaneously haul up to 20 empty Skips or 8 full Skips on the back of our truck. Even though Skips come in 2 physical sizes (3 cubic yards & 5 cubic yards), we can deliver up to 4 skips (20 cubic yards) on a single trip!

Efficient Delivery

Multiple Dumpsters

Delivery & Pickup are the most expensive part of hauling. Roll-offs and Dump Trailers are extremely inefficient in this regard. Our competitors can only deliver & pickup one dumpster at a time. Then, they must return to the landfill before delivering to their next customer. This is a very expensive way to do business, and these costs (gas, time, and dump fees) are merely passed down to you!

At SKIPS, we load our truck with 20 empty Skips in the morning. Throughout the day, we pick up full Skips en route. This efficiency in delivery saves valuable time and money. We pass these savings directly to you!

Residential Dumpsters

Cheap Dumpster Rental

We’re proud to be the Name Brand choice when it comes to dumpster rentals. Not only do we provide un-matched customer service that is aimed to eliminate the stress involved with waste removal. We’ve also developed a whole new way of doing business that gives us the ability to offer our service at a price point that is much less than the competition. Quite simply, you cannot go wrong with SKIPS Dumpsters!

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The Dirty Details

FLAT FEE and we mean it!

We are home of the “Flat Fee Guarantee!”, our pricing structure is 1-dimensional. We have no weight surcharge. And the rental price includes up to 14 days (2 weeks).