American Portable Mini Storage

In December 2006, Bryan Glaus Jr. was given the opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream of starting his own business with his father, Bryan Sr. After scraping together approximately $15,000 of his own money that he had saved working as a bellman at the Marriott Sand Key Resort on Clearwater Beach, his father managed to scrape up the rest (along with help from 2 of his sisters and their husbands) to open a Portable Self-Storage franchise which serviced the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg/Clearwater area called American Portable Mini Storage.

They started off with 9 portable storage units and a delivery truck in a small lot they had rented just south of the train tracks on the west side of Hercules Rd in Clearwater, FL. Their 1st year went pretty well. The economy was rolling, money was flowing, and by years end, they had approximately 55 units, and had completely out-grown the little lot they were renting.

Housing Crash

By Dec 2007, they found another place that was quite a bit bigger, and was also located in an area more central to the entire Tampa Bay area. Business was still booming, and by March of 2008, they had grown to almost 100 Portable Storage Units. If you can remember, March of 2008 was when the stock market went into a bit of a free-fall, and the cracks in the housing bubble slowly began to show. Just like that, money dried up, and their business model quickly changed course from growth to survival.

Seeing some of their competitors slowly go out of business, Bryan Jr. kept his job working 5 nights per week as a bellman at the Marriott. During the day, he was marketing the business, all while cleaning, repairing, and delivering Portable Storage Units to customers. He knew this was a great opportunity that not too many people would ever have the opportunity to do, so he pushed on, often times working back to back to back 16 hour days between both jobs, never once taking a paycheck from the business.

Skips Dumpsters

Finally, in July of 2012, after being in business for 5 ½ years, they finally got to a point where they could see a bit of a profit. This was an exciting time, seeing all of this effort finally start to pay off, and Bryan Jr. began to explore many different possibilities with the extra bit of money coming in. On a tip from a friend, Bryan found a guy selling 3 scrap metal bins that held about 5 cubic yards each on Craigslist for $500. He quickly snatched up all 3 with the thought that these would be the perfect size dumpsters to rent as an add-on to his portable self-storage customers that were doing clean-outs, small renovations, or replacing floors. He began to carry these bins on his truck with every storage unit delivery, offering them as an add-on for a mere $99 including dump fees. These little bins remained rented consistently, and this led Bryan to believe that there might be a little bit of a market here.

Once he realized this, Bryan Jr. set out to develop a dumpster that worked in a much more efficient manner according to the delivery truck that he had available to him. After several months of research, the development of a 3D model, and bids from various fabricators, the Skips Dumpster® was born.

We’ve been in business since 2012, and we now have over 55 Skips in our arsenal. We are carefully laying the groundwork required for our business model to take root. Our key to expansion is to move forward cautiously without losing focus. Progress is key! Our goal is to develop a business culture that fosters innovation & forward-thinking, yet is anchored by a solid core of upstanding individuals that are committed to working and winning together.

Owner and operator of Skips Dumpster: Mini and small dumspters.

In December 2006, Bryan opened an American Portable Mini Storage franchise with the help of his father as well as 2 of his 6 sisters.

Michael Peart is Welding one of the first 10 Skips. Since they didn’t have a shop at the yard, storage units were used to block the wind.